May 24, 2011

Rate That Uni: Air Force

Today starts the beginning of our Rate That Uni series, and today, we kick things off with the Air Force Falcons.  Join us for the next few weeks as we share our opinions on college football uniforms from around the West, and make your vote count as well!  Each post will have a poll at the bottom where you can give your own ratings to the uniforms.  Results will be compiled and shared when we have completed posts for each conference.

We welcome John Cary who joins us in our look at college football uniforms. John has gone back and forth with us on Twitter in discussions on many uniforms, so we're glad to welcome him for this special series.

To introduce you to John, he provided us with this bio:
My name is John Cary and I am very opinionated about college football uniforms.  In general, my bias is in favor of solid colors, clean, straight lines, and I am VERY anti-pointy stripe (think UTEP, Southern Miss, Western Michigan, etc.)  Oh, I'm also an attorney who has attended Florida State, Akron, UCF and Michigan State at various points in my life.  I have degrees from the first three.  You can follow me on Twitter at @KilroyFSU, but be warned that I also tweet about things other than sports, including some politics.

We'll share our opinions, give our grades, then ask you to vote.




Home unis
Road unis

John: I generally like helmets that do not have helmet stripes, but I think Air Force blew it when they removed theirs a few years back.  The current helmet design is a little too minimalist.  I generally like the minimalist look (I love Notre Dame, Army, Navy, Penn State, etc, are some of my favorite helmet designs) but something about this helmet just doesn't seem quite right.  It's not BAD, but it's a step back from the old design, in my opinion. As for the jerseys, I'm not a fan of the piping at all.  It's overdone and unnecessary.  The "box" on the side is just bizarre and is not a good look.  And I WANT to like the lightning bolt on the side of the pants, but I just don't.  There is nothing egregious about this particular uniform, but it could be so much better if the piping was replaced with some straight line design and if the white on the uniform was replaced by silver.

Zach: The lightning bolt helmet has become synonymous with the Academy. The bolt, however, can be overused. With no less than 67 bolts used on the uniform top/bottom, the Falcons surely aren't interested in any kind of diversity. The color scheme, however, is solid. An overall piece of strength for the Falcons of Air Force.

Brett: The Air Force uniforms are things of beauty.  Especially the road whites.  Anybody who doesn’t like those is a fool.  I love Air Force’s uniforms, but minus points on the helmet for removing the stripes, and minus points on the unis for that weird side panel thing.

DJ: I like their helmets and logo because no one else I can think of uses the lightning bolt as a logo. I favor their road unis more than their home jerseys. There could be a few touch-ups, and I wouldn't mind seeing their alternative "Thunderbird" uniforms used more often too.


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krizoitz said...

The thunderbird uni's are awesome, they should stick to those. The regular ones aren't bad, but they aren't great either.

Anonymous said...

White makes the guys look bigger, so the road uniforms work; however, white replaced with silver would look better. The helmets look fine, but could use a blue stripe down the center in addition to the blue lightning bolts. As long as they win games, it doesn't matter what the uniforms look like. Double thickness helmets would help guard against concussions.

Randy said...

I've always liked the distinctive lightning bolt and the crisp blue and white color scheme, although I too miss the silver. I don't like uniforms with the backpack straps, no matter how thin. The thunderbird uniforms are sharp but the helmets remind me of some kind of anime character's hair.

Meangino said...

As an AFA graduate, I prefer the traditional blue jerseys with white pants at home and the solid white uniforn on the road.

As far as the Thunderbird uniforms, the Falcons were 3 - 0 in them during 2010. I still don't like them

Anonymous said...

i am honored that my son will wear them soon.

Brett Hein said...

That is awesome. Always much respect for the Air Force Academy. It's always hard to watch your own team play them, because hard to root against the Falcons. Best wishes to your son.

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