May 25, 2011

Rate That Uni: Boise State

Second up in our Rate That Uni series is Boise State. Besides racking up the most wins in the last decade, the Broncos have garnered much attention from their blue-turf field as well...but what about their uniforms?

Our panelists definitely have opinions on this matter. Read up, then tell us what you think in the poll below!

We also wanted to note that we generally won't be considering any Nike Pro Combat uniform sets in our ratings. Many of them are just one time deals (unless you are TCU, who is turning into the Oregon of Texas). We want to consider only the most-used, standard uniform sets, as well as any regular alternates that are not Pro Combat unis that might be used.




Home unis
Road unis
Orange Pants Alt

John: I'm sorry, Boise State, but your uniforms look like something that would be worn by an attention-seeking junior college in Texas.  I won't hold a team's colors against them in this series.  If bright blue and bright orange are your school colors, they are your school colors.  I have a big problem with using non-school colors in uniforms.  So this critique has nothing to do with the ugly colors you wear.  Boise State, you're letting Nike use you, and not in a good way (like Oregon arguably does - not to open that can of worms).  This is an obvious template design that Nike wants to use to sell to lower division college football programs, JCs, and high schools.  What is that mess on your shoulders?  The wrap around pant stripes that end on the butt?  The hideous wrap around - I'm struggling for something to call it - that goes under the back uniform number?  Do you really need the Broncos wordmark on the front AND the back?  And the Boise State wordmark crawling up the pants?  It's just ugly.  All of it.  The gaudy helmet, the blue on blue, the overdone design.  Your outfits are everything that is wrong with the Nikification of college football uniforms.  All that saves you from an overall F grade is the lack of any pointy stripes, which is about the only positive I can find in your set.

Zach: The helmet is one of the worst in college football. Far too much going on. Not to mention the hideous blue-on-blue that BSU has made famous. I like the italicized "B" hat that you often see Chris Petersen wearing on the sidelines. That would be a nice look. The uniforms are "modern," which usually is synonymous with "train-wreck." In Boise's case, I actually don't mind the look. The lower back stripes remind me of a tramp stamp, though. My favorite get-up for the Broncos is the orange-pant look. Much more of a classic Boise feel. I remember seeing Boise back in the Big Sky during the 90's and the orange pants were a trademark. (Zach's note: Apparently I was mistaken in this remembrance. I saw the Broncos twice in Ogden during the 90's...but I was under 10.) Not to mention the Fiesta Bowl get-up. All in all, meh, with some definite work to do.

Brett: Boise State needs to look at putting something else on their helmet. Just don’t like the Bronco logo and the words Boise State under it.  Go with a B, go with the Bronco head only, or Boise State only.  It’s just … uninspired.  The home blues are some of the worst uniforms in America.  Not only is the blue-blue-blue look terrible, but the accent marks on the butt and below the numbers are awful.  I’ve hated the below-the-numbers accent swoop ever since Miami donned them around 7 years ago.  They also changed the home numbers to gray instead of white. The road whites aren’t bad. They seem to soften the blow of the accent marks a little.  The orange-pants alternates are by far their best set. They should go back to orange pants permanently. All blues look like some sort of circus.

DJ: I decided that I can't give out A’s very often because that's no fun and probably doesn't give a real platform for my opinion; however, I love Boise State's road jerseys. It's a pretty unfair advantage to wear all blues at home, but I would do it if given the chance. Anything to help you win, outside of cheating and groin punching. I love that the colors pop and draw attention. The color mixture just looks good to me. Perhaps that's why BSU has been great - look great, feel great, play great (and Chris Petersen helps). I still can’t decide if I love or hate their Pro Combats. Based on what we are rating in the provided pictures, Boise St. gets a B+.


And feel free to leave comments below as well!

***UPDATE: Boise State seems to be switching full time to the uniforms they wore in the Vegas Bowl last year. -5/31/2011***

***UPDATE TWO: More pictures of Boise State's new threads. Accent marks are gone. -6/21/2011***


@D_Summit said...

I don't like to criticize people for there opinions, but yours is wrong. While I disagree, I can appreciate that the Nikification of college uniforms isn't for everyone. However, nothing about these unis says junior college. Too busy for you? Fine. But these are fresh, top-notch designs, clearly meant for a top-notch program. I know special edition unis are outside the scope of this discussion, but I really liked the unis BSU wore in the Vegas Bowl, and rumor is that they might be the new standard uniforms.

@itschappy said...

The designs are anything but fresh. The combat unis are "fresh", not the standard ones. They scream "accept me!". Simply too loud.

Brett Hein said...

It's all about the accent marks. Like I said, I don't like the blue-blue-blues, but they'd be easier to look at if they didn't have lines going all over the shoulders, butt, up the side of legs, etc. It's too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about how blue uniforms on a blue field is an unfair advantage. Anybody that has ever played on a field knows that the sightlines are above the level on the field. Maybe the coaches in the press box can't see, and definitely is a pain to the television viewer, but on the field there is no advantage. Otherwise you'd be hearing about the disadvantage at Oregon or Baylor or any other green team.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the stripes on the butts looking bad. By the end of a game it looks like the players butts are really sagging. Especially on the linemen. But the overall look of the uniforms are great! Love the logo on the helmet!

Zach Bloxham said...

Anonymous 1. I'll give you the sightline argument. Then again, I never said anything about the blue-unis on blue-field advantage. My concern is for the television viewers at home. I think my eyes bleed every time I see Boise playing at home on TV. Thankfully the mtn is now full HD, God help us from having to witness Boise at home in mtn standard definition.

Zach Bloxham said...

Anonymous 2 - Thanks for the comment! I will never understand why you like that logo on the helmet. Truly, a horrific design. ;-)

Randy said...

I have to agree with John's assessment. Great team, bad uniforms.

Anonymous said...

DJ - you need to educate yourself on this "unfair advantage" bull crap that gets passed around.

Anonymous said...

The helmet logo looks good in my opinion. And I like the blues minus the butt lines. And the orange alternate is top notch. Oh and Our school colors aren't hideous

@D_Summit said...

While I agree that the unfair advantage argument is without merit, you can't rebut by linking to Bleacher Report. You lose.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from Boise, or even close, and I think their uniforms are one of the best in college football. They grab my attention, are colorful, and fun. Their helmet could use some work, but I still find it better then most teams. For example...CLEMSON---> (*cough...hideous...cough*)

Zach Bloxham said...

@D_Summit Wins.

Anonymous said...

As with anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have heard bloggers/writers talk about how great (classic) the Alabama and/or Penn State helmets are. Say what? Those helmets look like they just bought them off the shelf from Sports Authority. Boise's helmets are distinctive. I think just using the Bronco head would be fine, but as a homer, I love the logo. As far as the unis go, I love the colors but I'm not a huge fan of the stripes on the butt.

Adam said...

I remember watching BSU vs. VaTech last year when both teams were wearing their Nike pro combat unis. The Nike creations were a huge improvement over BSU's standard fare. It's too bad the Broncos couldn't keep the pro-combat look all year.

James White Jr. said...

Hey if these uniforms don't work out, the AWFUL design could be passed on to the AFL or UFL. They would fit in great there. And given the current back and forth of the lockout those leagues are going to be on the prowl for a fresh, new (attention seeking) look.

Jesse Jones Simpson said...

Dude, who cares what these yahoo's think, so a couple nobody's want some traffic and act like they know something. Simple fact is, zero's blather, and these chumps are zeros. LMAO at them thinking they're Queer Eye for the terminally unathletic guy.

Conner said...

Hey Jesse...

Zach Bloxham said...

Jesse. Thank you for the pageview. And for confirming every negative stereotype imaginable re: Boise State fan.

Zach Bloxham said...

To be honest, every BSU fan sans my man Jesse have been good sports, even if we disagree. We still love Bronco football. It's just your uniforms are hideous. :-)

DJ said...

It's funny because I even said that I like their unis! HAHAHA!

Mikrino said...

I liked last year's Pro Combat helmets with the over-sized Bronco on one side and nothing on the other, I hope they stick with those. Other than that, while I think the shoulder "flares" and the tramp stamp stuff needs to go, I like the Broncos' unis overall. I would like to see more orange incorporated on both home and away sets, in the form of lettering or stripes and what have you. But I gave them a solid B. GO BRONCOS!

Anonymous said...

My opinion - get rid of the pant stripe, change the text "Boise State" on the pants to a main color - blue for white and orange pants, orange on blue pants. Get rid of the nameplate on the back of the jersey - looks bad. Probably don't need the shoulder flare, either.

I don't mind the helmet. There are far worse things that have been done to helmets (Troy, Illinois). I preferred the Pro Combat uniforms that they wore vs Virginia Tech and Utah last year - either of those would be preferable. However, their current "regular" uniforms are overall not bad.

Brett Hein said...

I had a feeling somebody would try to accuse us of pandering for page views. While this series does make for a good way to get us closer to September, we actually talk about uniforms all the time. From 6 months ago:!/theupsetblog/status/20264445678718976!/Mengus22/status/20264613396357120

Anonymous said...

Agree the unis are blah, wish we could stick with the Pro-Combat helmet, like the blue on blue but could do without "flair", prefer white on orange for road games, don't think we blend into the field though, at least not in 3D.

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