June 6, 2011

Mountain West releases new logo; Instant Reactions

The Mountain West Conference officially released its new logo today that will take the conference into its second era:

The conference re-identifies itself under this new logo as it enters it's second era with the departures of BYU, TCU, and Utah, and the welcome of Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii, and Nevada.

We captured these other images from the video presentation from the press conference as it streamed online:

It is our best guess that the new logo's colors will be replaced at each school by the school's colors as they place it on their fields and courts. (For example, Boise State would likely be replacing the purple with blue, and the gray with orange.)

My thoughts: While the new logo is mostly uninspiring, I always disliked the old logo because of how it appeared when painted on fields and courts. The mountains looked weird at best. The one cool thing to be said of the new logo is that fans sitting on either side of a football field will see the logo correctly as it is a rotational ambigram (hat tip to @pigskinpundit for the correct terminology).  However, it does not really evoke any messages or emotions unique to the mountain west region.

Instant reaction from fans to us has been mostly negative. Some are unsure why they made a change at all. Most are simply displeased with the lack of imagination or regional flare.  Here are some snippets (not all of which will be attributed to who tweeted it, as a stream of feedback came through rather quickly):

  • "It looks like they ripped it off the chest of a villain from the Justice League." - @jeremiahjohnke
  • "Since when did the MWC become an IT security company?" - @Ute94
  • Many have said "It looks like the old MTV logo."
  • "That's bad. Legends and Leaders think that's poor execution." - @mccook2002
  •  "Looks like a corporation logo." - @rscalli
  • "Me no want ... but it's better than the B1G's new crap." - @BadWillHunting
  • "The new Mountain West logo looks like a corporate logo from a 1980s sci-fi movie. Mountain West Cyber Corp: Building America's Future." - @BlockU


krizoitz said...

They should drop the stupid serifs that are only on the edges, makes for a cleaner look. The interiors of the W and M should be angled to match the indentation at the top and bottom. Beyond that it still sucks.

Spencer said...

They stole it from Dr Who

Brett Hein said...

People generally initially hate change, but I think this ends up being a touch better than the previous logo. It will look better painted on football fields and basketball courts, trust me :)