November 7, 2011

Inside Realignment: Release of OU emails sheds light on Big 12 situation

The Tulsa World, presumably under a Freedom of Information request, obtained emails from Joe Castiglione and David Boren, Director of Athletics and President of Oklahoma University, in reference to the subject of Big 12 realignment. I had some extra time after class today and decided to scour through the email correspondence in hopes of some interesting information. 

Most of the info was fan-jab,  usually from Realignment Specialists who sent the President or AD a hugely detailed plan on the course OU and the Big 12 in general should take. Probably the biggest waste of ink since the MWC buyout deal.

There were some funny ones:
(If you have trouble viewing any of these snippets, click on each one for a full view)

President Boren, in response to an series of articles from Pete Thamel of the NYT, sent the writer an email reiterating some of the academic progress Oklahoma University has made over the past years. I guess AD's DO read the papers. 

If that wasn't evidence enough, here is an email from the REAL Dan Beebe, sent to Byrne and Loftin (AD & Pres at A&M). Attached is an article from 8/26 written by Dan Wolken from The Daily.

There was apparently a time when Oklahoma thought Texas was giving notice to leave the Big 12. Castiglione's reaction? "Ugh." 

They didn't always believe what was reported on the internet...

Remember when the Big 12 decided to impose a one-year moratorium on the broadcasting of high school broadcasts?
BYU was never a popular candidate. (Both from the fans - See above) OR former conference foes (Below - I SEE YOU AZTEC TROLL!) 
President Loftin informs Commish Beebe of Texas A&M withdrawal. (Cue the Danny Juice)
Dan Beebe and Mike Silve correspond on the acceptance of Texas A&M with the express desire to be free from legal ramifications. 

And speaking of those legal ramifications, and last but not least, Ken Starr with an AMAZING schmooze job of David Boren. 
Sorry if the formatting is funky. Just wanted to throw these together real quick. 


Anonymous said...

Anybody have any insight as to why SDSU hates BYU so much? Obviously they can't feel too good about the consistent beatdowns that BYU gives them, and the Chad Bunn replay incident last year, but is there something else going on? Is it the difference in culture?

Anonymous said...

BYU bullies people around, they help set up the tv deal and then whine about it and then leave over it; they made scheduling more difficult for the other sports because of no sunday; SDSU got rained out at AFA in baseball one, AFA agreed to make it up at SDSU, BYU threw a hissy fit, and ended up winning the baseball title on % points because SDSU didn't get to play the worst team. They had this pretend rivalry with WYO, CSU and AFA and used that as a voting block to stop western expansion in the WAC. Etc. The Big 12 figured this out with or without SD's asst. AD

Sean said...

Interesting that the Rutgers AD is emailing the Oklahoma AD about Texas A&M.

Anonymous said...

LOL - SDSU is like the girl that got spurned...A lOT. All I heard was whining in that comment about BYU. That's the way it's always been. BYU helped set up the MWC and included your sorry action - you should be grateful they didn't kick you to the curb with the rest of the WAC. They did NOT help set up the TV stuff. They were verbally promised being able to re-televise games, though. They got screwed because they trusted people - that's why they left. SDSU troll - just like the Asst AD and rightfully targeted by the writer of the article. Pretty sad when someone from a so called "higher learning institution" attacks another university because they're just haters.

David Kreutz said...

"Pretty sad when someone from a so called "higher learning institution" attacks another university because they're just haters."

Except you are doing the exact same thing in this very post in the other direction. Frankly you are both pretty embarrassing to your respective schools from an outsiders perspective.

Anonymous said...

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